Axiological Discourse on Material and Textual Metanarratives: Gabriel Weinstock

Beautiful Figurative Paintings and Conceptual Masterpieces by Pablo Mercado

Bernardo Morphs Automobiles and Living Beings into Sculpture

Breathtakingly Realistic Urban Reflection Paintings by Erik Nieminen

Christian Duvua Gonzalez Blurs the Line between Abstract Painting and Photography

Coffee and Rebecca Jacob’s Figurative Painting Skills

Connecting 3-D Printing and Nature: Andrew Werby

Contemporary Painting and Video Mapping with Justin Wood

Cult Films and the Master Director Jeremiah Kipp

Diego Garcia Explores Gestalt Psychology and Interdisciplinary Artwork

Eerily Uncanny Portrait Paintings by Caroline Green

Exploring Erotic Photography with Gottfried

Gert Scheerlinck Repurposes Obsolete Objects for Painting

Jac Saorsa’s Exploration of Illness through Painting

Jeffrey Thompson’s Patterned Abstract Paintings and the Wonder of Mathematical Systems

Jonathan Wright’s Dynamic Painting Exploration

Imaginary Creatures by Tony Papesh

Konnie Laumer Exposes the Beauty of Denver in Paint

Laure Nolte’s Interdisciplinary Art Practice

Maxwell Coppola Intertwines Innocence and the Digital Age

Michael Becker’s Positive Outlook on Life Shines through Abstract Paintings

Melding Metalwork and Painting: Virginia T. Coleman

Painting Perception and the Human Condition with Aaron Czerny

Personifying Color with Moisés Aragon

Provoking the Patriarchy: Elle Kennedy

Ronald Lukas Brings Together Abstraction and Figurative Art

Ruthie Schneider Vast Library of Photomanipulation

Samuel Lopez and Portrait Photography

Simone Rene’s Patterns and Fabric Collage

Stephen Mauldin’s Experimental Painting Techniques

Unconsciously Intuitive Artwork by Davon Foots

Vanessa Compton’s Intricate Collages

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